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ERIC ZILVERBERG Painter – Sculptor – Graphic artist

Charged with Emotion Eric Zilverberg has a great variety of paintings, graphics and sculptures on show. Eric Zilverberg succeeds by means of a striking play with lines, shade (of colour) and well balanced design, to let his work merge to harmonious compositions. The paintings, sculptures and graphics have a beautiful, picturesque playing of lines, which is recognizable in all different approaches of his work. The works are very exciting. Art lovers are fascinated by his emotional tension. Since 1975 he is exhibiting all around the globe.


Sculptures In 1995, after many years of painting, Eric Zilverberg starts making sculptures. The sculptures are made out of marble or wax and cast in bronze ‘`à cire perdue’.Like his paintings the sculptures contain clear rhythm and lines. Colour accents which complete the sculptures are achieved by means of this patination technique.   He can show you how the works have been created and render assistance with framing, shipping and placement.   Eric Zilverberg accepts also commissioned work. Town views, Nudes, Portrets, Flowers, Models and Sculptures etc.

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